Discover our new Chelsea boot Emsworth

Discover our new Chelsea boot Emsworth


Emsworth is a new addition for FW 23. Our Chelsea boot Chatsworth is one of our all time best sellers so we decided to tweak it a bit for an even bigger selection of Chelsea boots. 

The main reason for the high demand is that Chelsea boots are very versatile, especially in our Nordic climate. You can pair it with basically anything and it will take you safe and dry through all seasons. Since it has a minimal design you can pair it in black calf with a suit or pair it in brown suede with denim and a white t-shirt. And everything in between. Bankers, bikers, cowboys - You´ve seen them all wearing Chelseas.

Our new style Emsworth is made on the Capital last in F width which is a very popular last within the 1880 range. Compared to Chatsworth the last is slightly more soft chiseled and less voluminous for a more sleek profile. We also made it on the Shadow rubber sole to align with the sleek profile but still make it suitable for wet conditions. 

We got so excited over this new style so in addition to the core colors in Black Calf, Dark Brown Calf and Polo Suede we decided to do some store specials for the Loake Nordic store in Black Suede and Dark Brown Suede.



Chatsworth Waxed Suede

Chatsworth Waxed Suede

Vår klassiska Chelsea Boot Chatsworth är för många en trogen partner genom höst och vinter. Vi har nyligen lanserat modellen i ett nytt material, vaxad mocka – Waxed Suede. Lädret har en härlig vintage look från fabrik, är slitstarkt och lätt att underhålla. Chatsworth Waxed Suede kommer i tre färger. Brown (Rust) Waxed Suede, Dark Brown Waxed Suede och Green Waxed Suede.

Chatsworth Waxed Suede (New Colours)

  • Green Waxed Suede, Rust Brown Waxed
  • Suede and Dark Brown Waxed Suede
  • Goodyear Welted Dainite Rubber Soles
  • Last: Jockey/G
  • Fully Leather Lined, Leather Insoles
  • Sizes 6 to 13 inc half sizes


Chatsworth Brown (Rust) Waxed Suede

Chatsworth Dark Brown Waxed Suede

Chatsworth Green Waxed Suede